Passive Products


G4 Products can be fitted with optional Measuring and Monitoring facilities that help to manage the delivery of Power to the Rack:

Digital Ammeters - Available in Single or three phase formats and with 1% Accuracy True RMS.

Power Meters - Single phase meter, selectable display. Showing Volts, Watts, Amps and Power Factor.

Kilowatt hour meters - A basic measuring device for the total power used since switch on. With 0.1% accuracy, they are suitable for billing purposes and can be per strip or per group of outlets (branch circuit monitoring)

Smart Energy Meters - Probably the most beneficial tool for reporting on the condition of your electrical supply. A Smart Energy Meter reports on the basic electrical parameters of volts, watts & amps, with the addition of Active energy, Reactive energy and Harmonic Distortion. This is particularly useful when trying to reduce the overall PUE for your facility. It can be networked for reporting directly into a BMS platform or Stand-Alone Monitoring & Reporting platform. MID approved options for billing.
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Circuit Protection - G4 Strongly recommends the use of circuit protection to avoid complete loss of Service to Clients.
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