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Intelligent PDU manufactured by iPower

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iPower is an advanced intelligent PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with built in web server and full SNMP support, providing up to 48 fully monitored and switched power outlet sockets and a powerful, high accuracy single, dual or three phase Energy meter providing readings for;

*Volts AC   *Amps AC   *Volts   *Watts   *Power Factor   *Peak Volts   *Peak Amps   *Frequency   *Internal Temperature

* iPower can also monitor a single humidity/temperature sensor, a bus of up to 8 temperature only sensors, three voltage free contacts and has the facility to open a cabinet door lock using the internal Wiegand compatible reader port.

* When configured as a PRIMARY device the unit has the capability to monitor an additional 31 SECONDARY strips/racks and when used in conjunction with the PDU Agent software, all this data is logged to a central point.

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Intelligent PDU socket PCBiPower incorporates the following features:
* Flexible build configuration incorporating your choice of UK/European/EIC outlets
* Up to 48 socket outlets with per port current monitoring and/or
* switching on all or selective outlets (minimum of 4)

* Automatic searching [Phase configuration on socket module].
* Universal input voltage range 85-264VAC on-board SMPS
* Single, dual phase or three phase metering at up to 63A per phase.
* Ethernet port [IEEE 802.3 with full 10/100Base-T network compatibility].
* SD card slot for network down storage of measurements.
* High-speed MODBUS RS485 for local daisy-chaining of up to 31 secondary PDU’s.
* Remote mountable 16x2 LCD panel with RGB backlight for local monitoring.
* Temperature sensor bus port [8x chained] & humidity sensor port.
* Contact monitoring port [4 x voltage free].
* Cabinet door Wiegand proximity/card reader and Electronic door lock control port.

Intelligent PDU Software